A Very Special Day (NERD ALERT)

As some of you may know, today is a very special day for me and my family. Ten years ago, my Dad passed away of a sudden heart attack on a golf course. As anyone who’s lost a family member knows, the pain never totally goes away. But it’s been enough time now that I can look back on the good times and be glad for them. I’ve got my mom and my sister here with me and we’re about to embark on a day of joyful eating, and possibly some reminiscing, but mostly eating.

I know. What a downer, amirite? Because it’s also another very special day.

That’s right, nerds. This week concludes the festival of Shatmoy, also known as the time between William Shatner’s birthday on the 22nd and Leonard Nimoy’s birthday on the 26th. The 27th is for partying, baby. It’s the Presidents’ Day for sci-fi fans.

There are endless ways that Star Trek and My Dad intersected. We would fall asleep on the couch watching The Next Generation. He took us to a Trek convention and bought a phaser remote for the TV. Daddy was a devoted, if slackerish, sci-fi fan, and the obsession was passed on to his daughters long before his death.

Happy Shatmoy, everyone! May your days be filled with karate chops and nerve pinches.


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