Your Crappy Apartment started, like many things, in a phone conversation with my dear sister. I had just moved to a new city, and was living in a sad little apartment with no money and only an air mattress on which to rest my weary ass. We were discussing a certain inexpensive European furniture store where you assemble the pieces yourself, and one of us (I want to say me, because I’m funnier) stated that the store should simple be called “Your Crappy Apartment,” as that was the ultimate destination of all the purchases.

Fast forward a couple months, said apartment is largely furnished with goods from said store, and I have just barely enough money to pretend to live like a normal person. I started this blog to chronicle my attempts at domesticity on a budget. I post recipes, design ideas, crafts and occasionally step by step instructions on how to assemble four flimsy, uncomfortable Swedish chairs in twenty minutes using only what I call “the torture tool.” Also there’s some general whining about my horrible wonderful life.


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